Families of Dr. Fata's Patients Can Receive Records From Crittenton For Free

Hospital now able to provide medical records electronically, free of charge, to those whose loved ones were treated by oncologist.

Relatives of Crittenton patients treated by oncologist Dr. Farid Fata demonstrate Saturday outside of the Crittenton Hospital. Photo credit: Courtesy of Liz Lupo
Relatives of Crittenton patients treated by oncologist Dr. Farid Fata demonstrate Saturday outside of the Crittenton Hospital. Photo credit: Courtesy of Liz Lupo
Written by John McKay 

Families of patients treated by Dr. Farid Fata can now receive their loved ones' records from Crittenton Hospital free of charge.

Fata, who operated Michigan Hematology Oncology, PC, in Rochester Hills, was arrested Aug. 6 on charges he deliberately misdiagnosed patients and improperly administered chemotherapy and other treatments to patients as part of a Medicare billing fraud scheme totaling up to $35 million.

On Saturday, a group had gathered outside of the hospital in Rochester Hills, demanding the hospital reverse its existing policy, which provides records to other medical doctors free of charge, but assessed a fee for records requested by a lawyer or for personal use. 

Brian Birney, a spokesman for the hospital, said Tuesday the hospital now is able to provide records electronically, free of charge, to families of Dr. Fata's former patients.

"Medical records contain protected, private information, and as a healthcare organization, it is our responsibility to maintain privacy and security of records in all formats, including electronic," Birney said in a statement. "We are now prepared to provide copies of medical records in a HIPPA compliant, electronic format, free of charge. We have begun contacting all requestors of medical records, involved with Dr. Fata, and are making arrangements with those individuals to prepare the records in a quick, efficient manner."

The hospital is delivering the same statement via email to those inquiring about relatives' medical records.

Geraldine Parkin of Davison, who operates the Facebook page Patients & Families Treated by Dr Fata, received such an email from Birney on Monday and said she was pleased with the hospital's response.

"This is what we were looking for," she said. "This is one victory out of 1,000."

The group now plans to meet from 5-8 p.m. on Sept. 19 at the ConCorde Inn in Rochester Hills to write letters to elected officials, including state representatives and possibly Gov. Rick Snyder, Parkin said. 

Parkin's Facebook page has rapidly grown, with 1,247 followers as of Tuesday afternoon. Parkin, whose husband has been treated by Dr. Fata but was not a Crittenton patient, says she is happy that many of her new acquaintances may find some answers, but cautioned that the results might prove startling.

"It's a bittersweet moment," Parkin said. "I'm glad everyone is receiving their records, but fear what they're going to find out."                                      


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