'Freaky Deaky' Filming in Oakland Township 'For a Few Days'

The Elmore Leonard film is set in Detroit and stars Christian Slater.

Just a few weeks after , the cast and crew of the film Freaky Deaky are back, this time setting up base camp at at Adams and Silverbell roads.

The film is based on a 1988 novel set in the '60s and '70s and based in Detroit.

On Thursday morning, a set manager confirmed they are filming in the area "for a few days," but did not elaborate beyond that. Crew members were seen taking equipment into the church Thursday morning.

Crew members were also spotted setting up at the gated entrance to a private home nearby.

The film is under the direction of Charlie Matthau, who it would be made entirely in Michigan, where Leonard lives.

"We originally changed the locale to L.A., but I knew it wouldn't be as good as if it were set in Detroit," Matthau said in a statement reported on Birmingham Patch during the Elmore Leonard Film Festival in November.

"Freaky Deaky can turn into a monument in Detroit, just like Woody Allen's Manhattan is for New York … If ever there was a film for Detroit, it's Freaky Deaky."

Last summer, Demi Moore and the cast of A Reasonable Bunch filmed at a home in Oakland Township and also spent several consecutive days filming in downtown Rochester.


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