Lake Orion School Board Election Is About Children and Families

Angela Nasso - a school board candidate with integrity and compassion

Angela Nasso For School Board

A voice for children
and families

The hundreds of political lawn signs and the multitude of
unsolicited phone calls hawking a particular candidate or proposal have reached
the point where many voters have become disenchanted with the entire voting
process.  Voters are now searching for
candidates and issues which directly impact them.  One of those issues is who will represent the
Lake Orion School Board.  Two candidates
are vying for that slot one of them being Angela Nasso.  Frankly, when I examine the credentials of
the candidates for any position I look for someone who has a vested interest in
serving that position – someone who in fact wants to strengthen and improve the
community in which she or he serves – someone who is personally aware of the
intricacies and responsibilities of the role – someone who will operate with a
sense of integrity and compassion and urgency. 
In the school board position I look for someone who has offspring in the
school system and thus knows and understands firsthand the demands placed on
the system and understands every day the joys and sometimes the disappointment
and frustration of the school experience through those offspring.  Furthermore, I look for a candidate who can
represent the community from a parent point of view.  Sometimes injecting candidates into the mix
who emerge from a strict business background can be deleterious – while certain
aspects of operating a school district obviously need some business acumen
there is a greater need for The Three C’s - 
common sense, compassion and credibility.  And those are the attributes that Angela Nasso
brings to the table.  So when you
complete your absentee ballot or when you travel to the polls on Tuesday,
November 6, cast a vote for children and families – Angela Nasso for school

Bill Kalmar


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Kathleen Witte November 02, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Ms Nasso has not said much publicly about how she will represent the Lake Orion Community as a school board trustee. She has yet to answer a very fair question being posed as to whether she feels her relationship with the president of the Lake Orion teachers union is something she should be disclosing to voters. For the sake of "integrity" she should have been more forthright about how this potential conflict of interest would affect the integrity of the board of trustees. It's a discussion the voters deserved to have.
Mari-Ann Henry November 02, 2012 at 08:52 PM
While I appreciate the sentiments Mr. Kalmer expresses, by saying he looks for someone with "offspring in the school system" omits some very important key issues. First, by discounting those whose children are now grown or perhaps not yet old enough, he would be casting aside many who are infinitely more qualified than some of those with children. Another issue would be that it can present tunnel vision by addressing issues only as a school parent-- perhaps not considering or even discounting solutions that may not present themselves when you are so parentally involved. This could result in issues being determined by what is good for one, but not all. Those that are not driven by the "...disappointment and frustration of the school experience through those offspring" could be better at seeing things from the outside looking in. They may be more driven by doing what is right for the entire school district, the whole community and all of the taxpayers. This, to me, would indeed be a far more effective school board candidate. Bill Holt has the experience of running several businesses, chairing and raising capital for many charitable organizations. And with his insight and experience with Lansing and many of our State Leaders, he could be a great person to have on the board to help navigate those waters and to be a voice for our schools. While he no longer has children in the system... he will be just as concerned and will be just as involved as any "school parent."
Kyle Dykman November 02, 2012 at 09:04 PM
I endorse Bill Holt for trustee for the Lake Orion School Board. I have known Bill for almost two years, and I have experienced his dedication to this community. I don't know the other candidate, but I have heard her speak. I have no doubt that she is a concerned citizen in this community. The biggest reason I support Bill over the other candidate is that I want someone who will not hesitate to question everything, from the administration to the unions to finances to Lansing. I don't want someone who seems to just want to go along with the status quo. I want someone who is dedicated to the students first before the school employees. I want someone who will question what is in the best interests of the students always - not just what is best for the unions or the administration. I KNOW Bill will do this. I want someone who is a fiscal conservative. I KNOW Bill is. I want someone who will not hesitate to fight for us in Lansing. I KNOW Bill will, because I know his previous activities have given him an opportunity to build relationships with some of our leaders in Lansing. This letter is in no way a put down of the other candidate. It is just my endorsement of who I think is the best candidate. I urge you to vote for Bill Holt on November 6.


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