Lots to be thankful for

Thanksgiving - a wonderful holiday!

You Gobble, Gobble Give Some Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  Unlike other holidays, there is no
pretentiousness.  One just arrives at the
host home dressed in an everyday wardrobe and not encumbered with loads of
presents.  Now that is not to say that as
a guest you can’t bring a tasty food dish or a bottle of wine for the host or perhaps
don your favorite gaudy holiday sweater but it is a day to enjoy great company,
wonderful food and exciting football. 
What could be better than that? 
But before we dive into that plump turkey or carve a slice of a
turducken, how about taking a few moments and recount all the events we are
thankful for?  I suspect the pilgrims did
so when they arrived after a long voyage and landed at Plymouth Rock.  No doubt they were thankful that the
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) did not submit them to a “pat
down” or ask them to surrender their muskets! 
In any event, here are some things I am most thankful for:

         +  For the ability to celebrate holidays and
birthdays and special events with family and friends.  Having been out of town for high school and
some college, I can tell you first hand that being absent from Thanksgiving and
Christmas celebrations leaves a sad melancholy feeling in your heart.  As such, whatever we as Americans can do for
our men and women in the service during this season would certainly be
appreciated by our brave troops.   In
1954 crooner Perry Como sang, “There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays”,
and here in 2012, it is still true!

                  +  For the social security COLA increase of 1.7%
set for January 2013.  And a thanks to
all of you who are still working and supporting me with your FICA payments.

                 +  For all the friends I currently have and for
those I have yet to meet.

For being an American and living in the greatest country in the world.

For all episodes of “Seinfeld” which parallels real life experiences.  My favorites: 
“The Puffy Shirt” and “The Jimmy” and “The Marine Biologist”.

                  + For the Cracker Barrel restaurant and
their great breakfasts and all the knickknacks in their store.  One day I might even purchase one of the
rocking chairs that grace the front porch of each establishment.  And for the cinnamon rolls at Panera (St. Louis
Bread Company)  These two establishments
that dot the highways as we motor to grandma’s house sure makes the trip a lot
more enjoyable.

For the ability to reverse live television programs so that I have my
own personal instant replay function. 
Just wish I could have the same ability for real life incidents – I
think all of us at one time or another would want a “re-do” button on some of
life’s activities.

For my TomTom GPS and OnStar System both of which have rerouted me when we
were lost.

                  + For our three children, two
son-in-laws and daughter-in-law and eleven grandchildren who bring us joy and
excitement every day.  Knowing that when
we are in a nursing home and they come to visit us every day to change our
diapers brings us contentment.  I suspect
it will bring them consternation and aggravation but we changed their diapers
when they were young, so what goes around comes around!

For my wife Mary of 48 years who has supported me and encouraged me and loved
me through every moment and every adventure to make sure I never went
astray.  She is my personal GPS!

So as you gather with family and friends this Holiday
Season, take a couple moments and be thankful for all your blessings.  And if you are a guest at someone’s home, chew
with your mouth closed, don’t talk with food in your mouth, don’t cheer too
long when your football team scores, and do not nap on the bed that contains
all the coats.  Other than that - Happy

Bill Kalmar



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