50 Years Ago: This Week in Orion-Oakland Township History

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Orion and Oakland Township half a century ago? Find out here!

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Orion and Oakland Township half a century ago? It was a different era of history, culture and politics but there are often parallels between the kind of stories that made headlines then and today. As interesting as the differences may be, so are the similarities. These are some of the top stories from this week in 1962. The items were compiled from the Orion Township Public Library’s periodical archives of the Lake Orion Review.

This week in 1962 Al Honoute, Lake Orion auto dealer, donated the “Double O Pig-Skin” a bronzed football that the Lake Orion and Oxford football rivals would face off for indefinitely. It had been planned that neither school would retain the trophy on a permanent basis. The winner of the rival game each year would hold the bronzed ball until the teams meet again the following year.  The name for the trophy was chosen by a panel of students who represented Lake Orion and Oxford High Schools. Oxford: George Sand or -Student Council President, Linda Woody –S.C. Secretary, Bob Clayton –Senior Class President, and Jean Barger –Junior Class President. Lake Orion: Dennis Steffens, SC President, Ardis Storm –SC Vice President, Kathy Mann –SC Secretary, and Sam Chapin-SC Treasurer.

IGA, which was founded in 1926, had a “Spectacular Sale” on all American Brands this week in 1962. A Large 12oz package of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cost 25 cents, Pillsbury’s five pound bag of flour was 39 cents, and Mac Intosh Apple were 4 for 29 cents!

From burning hamburgers to house fires, Orion Firefighters keeping busy! An over view of fire calls made this week in 1962 concluded that the firefighters from Lake Orion Station No. 1 were very busy! They investigated smoke coming from a house that was found to be a family burning hamburgers, responded to a truck fire on S. Broadway, two car fires and assisted with a house fire on Baldwin and Stanton Rds.

Professional Wrestling to return to Pontaic! Big-Time professional wrestling announced it’s return to Pontiac this week in 1962.  Then Promoter Paul Parks let fans know that there were “Big Plans” for some of the top TV wrestlers to come to the area.  First matches were among Leon Smith against Jim Grubmire; Frank Hickey and Lupe Gonzales, and Joe Blanchard against Ricki “The Crusher” Cortez.

“America Drives Ahead” is Auto Show Theme.  The theme for the 44th National Automobile Show announced the theme “America Drives Ahead” selected from more than 300 suggestions.  Cobo Hall in Detroit had only opened two years prior to 1962, the National Auto Show had been staged in New York beforehand.


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