Lake Orion Man Claims Starbucks Served Him Cleaning Fluid

The Starbucks customer claims he has suffered serious medical issue after ingesting the cleaning fluid and has filed a lawsuit against the company, according to The Oakland Press.

A Lake Orion man filed a lawsuit this month claiming a Bloomfield Hills Starbucks served him cleaning fluid in his coffee cup, according to The Oakland Press

John Canine said he's suffered health issues since he drank nearly an entire cup of what allegedly was commercial cleaning solution from the Maple and Telegraph location in August 2011. Canine said a Starbucks employee frantically notified him of the mishap that he says led to a slew of medical problems, the newspaper reports. 

A Starbucks representative stated in the article that the company is investigating the claims. 

fit4ufor3rd August 21, 2013 at 12:45 PM
that's just the way the coffee tastes. I always said it could put hair on your chest. that stuff is wicked
Judith August 21, 2013 at 05:24 PM
Ah, ha, fitrufor3rd - you beat me to it! I thought that the coffee tasted like cleaning fluid the first time I tried it - well, sort of. It tastes like burnt coffee, which is exactly what it is. The originator of the Starbucks franchise said that the coffee gets its unique flavor because they slightly burn the beans when they roast them.
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