Oakland County Initiative Aims to ID Businesses That Don't Sell Spice

Sheriff Michael Bouchard says public pressure is the "best weapon" to fight the sale of the synthetic drug tied to three Oakland County deaths.

As public concern grows over a synthetic drug legally sold in Michigan, Oakland County officials have announced an initiative to identify businesses that have decided to keep it off their shelves.

County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Sheriff Michael Bouchard on Friday urged Oakland County retailers to pledge not to sell K2/Spice and other synthetic designer drugs. The county will issue a window decal to business owners who notify the county that they will not sell synthetic drugs.

The , but especially in Oakland County, where it has been connected with high-profile murder cases in Farmington Hills and , and the .

In a press release issued this afternoon, Patterson said, "The time to act is now. Oakland County is going to make it easy for shoppers to identify the stores that don’t sell these dangerous, synthetic drugs.” 

“These substances are clearly dangerous and occasionally deadly,” added Bouchard. “Until we can get a law banning them, the best weapon to fight this is for consumers to refuse to frequent places that sell this trash.”

Auday Arabo, President and CEO of the Associated Food & Petroleum Dealers, said his organization is asking all members and non-members to immediately stop selling the products.

"The effect this drug has on our community is unacceptable," Arabo said. "A number of our members have stopped selling it and have never sold it. The more we make them aware of its dangers, the less likely they are to sell it.”

To get one of the window decals, retailers may call the Oakland County Health Division Nurse on Call at 800-848-5533.


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