Robert Shaner to Start March 1 as Rochester Schools Superintendent

The Board of Education approved his salary and contract Monday night.

Robert Shaner, a former teacher, principal and police detective who is in charge of instruction and technology for Warren Consolidated Schools, will take over as leader of Rochester Community Schools on March 1.

Shaner was selected as the district's next superintendent two weeks ago; his employment contract was approved by Board of Education members Monday night, making his hiring official.

Shaner will be paid $182,800 annually. His contract covers March 1, 2013 to June 30, 2016; he will be evaluated in June of 2014 and board members will then determine whether to increase his salary or keep it the same.

Shaner will also receive a $6,200 tax-sheltered annuity, insurance benefits, 25 vacation days, 12 sick or personal days and millage reimbursement for traveling more than 100 miles roundtrip for school meetings or business.

A copy of his contract is attached to this story.

Board President Beth Talbert said the board considered the salaries of other superintendents in Oakland County when determining how much the district would pay Shaner. According to Talbert:

  • The average salary of Oakland County superintendents with districts over 10,000 students is $202,000.
  • The average salary of all superintendents in Oakland County is $190,000.

Shaner, a Shelby Township resident, has worked as the executive director of instruction and technology for the Warren Consolidated School District for the past two years. Previously, he served as principal of Sterling Heights High School. He has also worked as an assistant middle school principal and high school teacher.

He worked for three years as a juvenile detective for the Troy Police Department.

Board members interviewed nearly 45 of Shaner's colleagues, friends and family and conducted reference checks with more than 20 individuals.

Shaner will replace after one year with the district. Clarke's annual base salary was $172,000. 

Patricia February 08, 2013 at 01:31 PM
I can't agree with the contract. The Board has a tendency to not be able to negotiate a contract that fits the economy, the times and the scope of work. With all the cuts to other employees, I see a trend in our system to pay more --it's easier, and I see the trend with lack of accountability. In addition, they don't think of who pays the bills--after all, we have deep pockets and they can just tell us to open our wallets some more. That happened not to long ago and as a taxpayer-there was nothing we could do for poor practices within our system. Now, they had a chance to do better this one segment of contracting and they gave 10K more and a loaded package--the Phd brings nothing more to this position---and is not worth 10K more. If more education means more pay--we should be paying a lot more in many of our other basic services-and when it gets unaffordable-the unemployment lines get longer. Private sector is exactly where comparisons should be made for best practices and accountably--and budgets.
Marie T February 11, 2013 at 10:24 PM
You do not have to like the contract. I was not suggesting that you should. I was only trying to answer some of your comments/concerns/questions.
Kristen Famiano February 12, 2013 at 05:58 AM
I do agree we need to give him a chance. If you take a 52 week employee and subtract the weekend...you get 261 days of employment. Then...subtract vacation time. People in the private sector work about 40-50 more days and often earn double. I'm sick of hearing this 180 day nonsense. I can argue that I get laid off every June which limits my ability to earn my full wage. I am more concerned with Dr, Shaner's role in Warren Con in eliminating electives. Word in Macomb County spread pretty quickly when some major world languages were cut along with other important electives/specials. It is true that you can run a more efficient schedule by only offering Spanish at some buildings...but that undermines the depth and integrity in curriculum. I am giving him a chance and hoping for the best.
dave February 18, 2013 at 02:01 AM
The former supt got fed up being the puppet to the board. As someone who has experience with Dr Shaner they got their "yes man". RCS, the....RCS chose someone with no experience as the superintendent. This district with its reputation chose a rookie. This is just crazy on so many levels. Did anyone ever stop and think they gift wrapped him? If he truly is "willing to lead" he needs to start by cleaning up the debacle at Rochester High with Rowland. If he takes that on it will mean a head on fight with the asst supt of HR who slid him into that role when other better candidates were available. We pulled one child out of RCS and it looks like its time for #2. Its going to go from bad to worse with this board and their obedient "yes" man they just bought.
Marie T February 18, 2013 at 06:28 PM
Dave, did you attend the community reception and the open interviews for the Superintendent? Did you write a letter to the board with your concerns? Do you attend board meetings? Where are you receiving this information? It is really hard to read the Patch any longer when all it has are accusations.


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